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I am an Italian photographer, born in 1984 in Torino. Despite a course of studies and a career in technical industrial field, I have always had an interest in communication and visual arts, to which I initially approached as a mere user and then began to be involved in photography at the threshold of thirty years. Later I attended courses at the Società Fotografica Subalpina and once they were over I continued on a self-taught path that continues to this day.

Photography for me represents a curious look at the peculiarities of the ordinary, the borderless definition of an existing space or place that can convey a sense of belonging as any place, creating an indefinite suspension that generates an emotion of familiarity. 


  • Nov 2017 // Paratissima (13th Edition), "L'Ombra della Luce ", Caserma Alessandro la Marmora (Turin, IT)​

  • Jul 2018 // Mostra Collettiva (3rd Edition), Studio-Labo-Galleria Job (Giubiasco, CH) ​

  • Dec 2019 // Personal Polaroid Exhibition "Peninsula ", Atelier Boas (Figino, CH)​



  • Nov 2019 // "Polaroiders Selection : Camera con Vista, l'Occhio della Polaroid " (page 12,13), Edizioni Polaroiders​

  • June 2021 // "Andrea Angelino Catella -  Portfolio ", Self Publication​

  • July 2021 // "Polaroid Now : The History and Future of Polaroid Photography " (page 56,57), Chronicle Chroma Editions​



  • May 2020 // "Diretta Facebook: Suba-On-Air ", Società Fotografica Subalpina